Custom Cutting

The skill to give your vision shape.

A large percentage of custom glass work involves creating unique and unexpected shapes. We love this highly exacting work and excel at delivering dimensional accuracy. Our precision tooling enables us to capture a faithful representation of your vision, mechanically processing glass to meet the needs of plans and specifications.

While the below samples from our extensive shapes catalog demonstrates some of our capabilities, what matters most is your vision. If the samples here aren’t aligned with your design, simply contact us. Share your ideas and together we’ll find a way to get there.

Vectra Shapes Catalog

VG1- Full Circle PDF

VG27 – Arch PDF

VG9 – Quarter Arch PDF

VG25 – Ellipse PDF

VG29 – Race Track Oval PDF

VG36 – Equilateral Triangle PDF

VG37 – Right Triangle PDF

VG39 – Triangle – PDF

VG59 – Rectangle PDF

VG60 – Gable PDF

VG65 – Obtuse Trapezoid PDF

VG96 – Radius Corner PDF

VG100 – 4 Radius Corners PDF

VG114 – Acute Trapezoid w. Rad Corners PDF

VG120 – Regular Pentagon PDF

VG126 – Dog House PDF

VG130 – Clipped Corner PDF

VG157 – 2 Clipped Corners PDF

VG161 – Regular Octagon PDF

VG62 – Acute Trapezoid PDF

VG177 – Round Top PDF

VG178 – Arch Top w/Rad PDF

VG188 – Table Top PDF

VG0 – Square PDF