Back Painting

More than an accent. A work of art.

Back Painting glass gives you the ability to push color enhancement to a new level of beauty and durability. It’s also extremely practical, providing an ideal option for applications where cleanliness and waterproofing are a concern.

Our in-house capabilities also enable you to go beyond flat colors, and create glass panels that are unique works of art. For example, lamination enables you to design dramatic, two-sided partitions and accent walls. Digital printing can transform any digital file into a bold architectural statement. For softer and more subtle looks, the combination of digital printing and acid etching creates a feel of depth and sophistication. And because color is so crucial to design, Vectra offers custom color matching. We can also match to most popular color libraries, including NCS, Ral and Pantone.

Acrylic PaintCeramic Paint
TemperingNot RequiredRequired
Painted SurfaceEitherSide 2
Custom CuttingYesYes

Please note: custom color matching requires 2,000 s.f. minimum.

Fast back painting facts and frequently asked questions

  • Commercial kitchens, bathrooms and wet areas
  • Wall claddings
  • Feature walls
  • Residential kitchens, bathrooms and wet areas
  • Markerboards
  • Partitions
  • Elevator cabs
  • Countertops
  • Accent feature walls
  • Cabinetry
  • Furniture components
  • and more…

Acrylic Paint

  • Decorative glazing solution for interior design applications.
  • Exterior use possible. Consult factory to discuss prior to ordering.
  • Wide range of vibrant colors
  • Custom color matching
  • Compatible with digital printing

Ceramic “Enamel” Paint

  • Interior and exterior use
  • Color consistency
  • High durability
  • Cost control
  • Long life
  • Environmentally friendly and lead-free
  • Won’t scratch, crack, fade, discolor 
  • Highly-resistant to heat, thermal shock, moisture, and UV, so it’s suitable for use in interior and exterior applications.

Both can be tempered, meaning glass will be strong and safe. Both products use a factory-applied painting process that delivers a uniform and consistent finish eliminating the need for manual painting and lengthy dry times.

Clear glass is not perfectly clear, if you lay it on a white surface you will see that it has a green to bluish tint. It is for this reason that we recommend back paint low iron, because it has no discernable hue and will not affect the paint color.

As with all things glass, you can use clear glass for back painting, so long as it’s understood that the glass tint may change by batch even from the same manufacturer. Still, it has it’s own look and if desired, should go through the sampling and approval processes, additionally we may require a signing off on future matching for replacements, etc. prior to purchase.

Spandrel glass panels are used to hide building structures between floors. Our ceramic painted glass, when tempered, will handle the excessive heat build up within the spandrel cavities. 100% paint coverage makes this product suitable for spandrel and cladding glass with brilliant colors and smooth surfaces which are fused onto the glass surface during tempering. When combined with digital printing using our ceramic inks the creative possibilities are limitless. Glass should be viewed from the outside only.

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