Our vision: to make it right

We’re driven by a vision of consistently making it right by delivering quality products, adhering to reliable lead times, and exceeding customer expectations through our continuous investment in our people, processes, and capabilities. 

A strong future from a strong foundation of excellence

We have risen to the challenge of providing inspiration and incredible glass products to designers and architects so they can transform environments to be extraordinary.

Finding a better, faster way.

Premier Glass Products (PGP) was formed with the primary mission of providing the correct glass — on time. In a previous life, we had experience purchasing OEM glass for over 30 years. Buying tens of thousands of panels each year taught us that outside glass fabricators simply couldn’t meet our stringent demands for both quality and timely delivery.

The OEMs were not entirely to blame. On most projects, glass is one of the last items to be installed. We dealt mostly with tempered glass, which couldn’t be cut in the field. The volume and precision required also necessitated a huge amount of rework. Having the ability to reliably and consistently replace glass, on time, was crucial to our success.

We had to find a better way. So we decided to do it ourselves.


Perfecting our performance.

Tinted Glass More Blue

We strategically partnered with a manufacturer in the food service industry who relied on glass for their finished goods. Our goal was to eventually open to other customers, but we realized that we only had one opportunity to make a great first impression. We took this time to perfect our processes and fine-tune the systems that would drive our success.


Welcoming new customers.

We opened our doors to other OEMs with specialized glass needs. The response was immediately positive. Our ability to stand by our product, fix it when needed, and make it easy to do business with us attracted a growing base of satisfied customers. 


Expanding our expertise.

Vectra Glass

Like everyone else, we were caught off guard by the pandemic. Unlike many others, we remained open and working. We used this quiet year to formalize our business model and further invest in our future. We officially launched Vectra Glass™ to provide a more complete solution to our customers by offering state-of-the-art, leading-edge technologies and capabilities.


Preparing for future growth.

Fork lift

As our country and the world economy continue to ramp back up, we’re finalizing plans to open our new 60,000 square foot facility. This state-of-the-art production plant will enable us to broaden our product offerings and services, including glass lamination, digital printing, back painting, and expanded bending capabilities.


A commitment to sustainability.

In a sense, glass is innately environmentally friendly. But while glass itself is an ideal material for sustainable architecture, traditional glass processing plants often have an adverse impact on the environment. At Vectra Glass, we’re committed to preserving our planet for future generations:

Solar panel

Renewable energy

From ovens to cutting machines, glass manufacturing uses power. We adopted a triple net strategy of using solar energy to combat the environmental and economic costs. Our savings are passed on to the customer and the excess energy is returned to the grid to power other nearby manufacturers.


Water usage

Water is used in large quantities in glass manufacturing. From edge grinding to water jet, almost all mechanical processes in glass fabrication use water. We have a state-of-the-art water recycling system that captures and recycles all processing water.


Material recycling

Glass panels are cut from large sheets. Even though we optimize cuts to minimize waste, we’re still left with a large amount of glass we can’t use. This glass typically can’t be recycled through traditional facilities due to its composition. We collect our drops and send them to be reused as cullet.

Made in the USA

American made. Always.