The Studio Collections

Our new Vectra Studio provides high-resolution artwork that is ready to digitally print on glass.

For those who yearn for the latest in distinctive design, the curated collection of the Vectra Studio opens new possibilities in visual aesthetics. Our ever-evolving private collection includes natural textures, photorealism, seamless patterns, colored graphics, and gradients, all ready to be printed at a maximum size of 58 in. wide x 120 in. high.

If your project calls for something beyond our collection, we also offer full-service design capabilities. We happily collaborate with clients to help bring their specific vision to life. Simply contact us to discuss our custom design services.

The Pattern Library

Extensive collection of seamless vector patterns
fully customizable through Vectra Studio.

The Woodlands

Enjoy the beauty of natural wood textures
without sacrificing another tree.

The Quarry

Capture the essence of natural quarried stone
with this well-curated collection.


The beauty of terrazzo and concrete meets the
contemporary feel of glass.

Faux Textures

Hand-painted textures that convey a timeless, old-world beauty.


Custom created stripe collection with the movement
and beauty of light traveling though rain.