We strive to meet the exacting criteria of responsible sustainable architecture and believe that the digitally printed wood textures shown in our Woodworks collection achieve this goal.  They offer viable creative solutions for any project while maintaining the beauty of real wood.   Our staff of digital wood artisans can create countless interesting effects and any texture can be customized by scale, direction, opacity and more. The possibilities are truly endless.

Each sample is a close-up of the full panel, these hi-resolution art files are in inventory and ready to print to your specifications.  The files are very large, so in order to share the full panel design we have provided various renders to give you a sense of what the sample represents.

The color finishes are based on classic wood stain options with custom color matching services available if needed.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Product Details

Glass Type: Crystal Clear Low Iron

Available Thicknesses:  3/16″(4.7mm), 1/4″ (6mm), 5/16″ (8mm),3/8”(10mm),1/2”(12mm),3/4”(19mm)

Panel Size: Decoration as shown on Full Panel represents 5’ x 10’ (60” x 120”) and can be scaled up or down to meet the project size requirement.

Maximum Panel Size: 84” x 163”

Temperable Yes.  All digitally printed products are tempered as an integral part of the manufacturing process.  It is this last step that infuses the ink into the glass resulting in an archival quality print.  Please visit Tempering page for more information.

Privacy Level: High as standard, but we can adjust the opacity down or up depending on the end use application and project requirements.

Fabrication: Holes, Notches, Cutouts. For more details, please visit page.

Edgework: Double Arris, Pencil Polish, Flat Sanded. For more details, please visit page.

Custom Cutting: We are all about custom design, for details about our cutting capabilities please visit page.

Decoration: Digital Printing, Back Painting

Additional Safety: Lamination

Technical Specification:  Digitally printed ceramic frit glass meets and/or exceeds ASTM C1048.  The standard specification for fully tempered flat glass.  It is tempered as part of printing process to fuse the artwork into the glass.


Digitally printed glass is perfect for any project where you want to add functionality, beauty, decoration and privacy without sacrificing any natural light.  Can be used in both Interior and Exterior applications.

Just some of the many ways it is being used:

  • Shower and bath walls instead of tile
  • Interior and/or Exterior Partitions
  • Glass inserts for a different kind of Interior Door
  • Barn Doors
  • Wall panels and artistic accents with back lighting
  • Furniture projects, beautiful tabletops
  • Backsplashes
  • Kitchen cabinet doors and/or inserts


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