Pattern Catalog

pattern catalog

Offer Endless Creative Glass Printing Options

The Vectra Pattern Catalog is a valuable design resource with a wide range of unique vector patterns for decorative glass printing, shading, privacy, and other ceramic digital glass printing applications. Using the Vectra Pattern Catalog resource, graphic designers can easily work with any number of design possibilities, to create an endless assortment of designs. Patterns begin as black over white. From there, the designer can combine patterns, decide on colors, choose sizes, add or eliminate background, implement negative or positive techniques, adjust opacity, and more.

Pattern Catalog includes:

  • A digital PDF flip catalogue with a Glass Atlas of the different pattern layouts
  • An Adobe Illustrator swatch album
  • The 100 copyright-free vector patterns

The 100 copyright-free vector patterns included in the catalog are divided into five design categories: oriental, abstract, organic, geometric, and fusion. The patterns can be scaled to any size while maintaining high print quality, and can be printed with CMiX (premix color guide) or digital mix colors. They can be printed on their own or over photorealistic elements.