Interior Surfaces Catalog


Inspire Architects & Designers with INTERIORI Collection Designs

Created to inspire, INTERIORI is a set of 52 ready-to-print designs that can be used on various printed glass surfaces, for different interior and exterior applications. Together with the accompanying catalog and printed glass samples, it is an effective business development and sales tool, helping you communicate with architects and designers in the language they speak.

Suggested applications include kitchen backsplashes, shower doors, office dividers, tabletops, wall covers, partitions and more.  All designs have been tested to ensure optimal results with every printing.


INTERIORI includes:

  • 52 high-end ready-to-print surfaces designs for real size printing up to 3m X 1.2m (9.8ft X 3.9ft)
  • A printed brochure presenting the digitally printed glass installed in designed rooms
  • INTERIORI sample case with 16 glass sample in each
Smell the Forest
Touch the Stone
Playing with Shapes


Each INTERIORI design gives both textural and visual life to the glass – replicating other materials, such as marble and wood, with glass’ natural advantages of lighter weight, easier handling, and better light transference and privacy properties. Highly versatile, designs can be cut in size for smaller installations or reproduced and seamlessly joined for larger projects.