Design and Functionality

Merging of Design and Functionality

Digital Glass Design

Digital ceramic glass frit printing technology has shattered the traditional restrictions of architectural glass printing and glass decoration methods, allowing architects and engineers to explore new possibilities in modern and sustainable design. With digital ceramic glass printing, you can cost-effectively create designs that reflect your artistic vision – without sacrificing material durability, quality and functionality.

Vectra’s digital ceramic glass printing solutions allow you to infuse any image, design or pattern  on glass with brilliant accuracy and sharp resolution. Never before has it been so easy to give curtain walls and buildings expressions of culture, identity, and decorative glass designs.


Outstanding Functional Performance

Vectra Glass and ceramic inks enable greater architectural performance:

• Light diffusion
• Light transmission
• Energy savings windows
• Solar control glass
• Anti slip glass
• Privacy levels

Whether adding design to a functional project, or seeking to enhance functionality for a design, Vectra’s flexible innovative technology platform and process supports both. Vectra’s on-staff architects provide project support from the early concept and design stages through the installation stage.


Supreme Durability

Digital glass printing provides unmatched quality and durability for architectural glass. During the tempering process, ceramic inks are fused into the glass itself, providing your work with powerful resistance to scratching, acid, UV light and weather; and ensuring your design withstands the test of time.