Stained Glass

Stained Glass

The art of stained glass takes a modern turn with digital ceramic glass printing technology

An art of its own, colored glass has been around for thousands of years, and stained glass windows nearly as long.

In the past, such colorful, decorative glass was the clear domain of churches and other places of worship. To a lesser extent, museums and other public edifices incorporated stained glass for windows and vitrage features as well. But now, thanks to digital glass printing technology, stained glass patterns can bring color and light to any type of building space.

While once a laborious process, today, stained glass windows are a beautiful, viable option for any number of architectural projects. Modern structures, from office buildings, to restaurants, and even private homes, are now taking advantage of digital ceramic glass printing technology to create stunning and original stained glass windows of all sizes, at a reasonable cost.

Whether it’s a detailed pattern, a geometric design, or a photo-realistic image, print on glass can achieve the results you desire. Vectra ceramic digital glass printing technology makes it possible to create windows and vitrage elements of all sizes in contemporary, traditional, and abstract styles.

Besides creating colorful images, ceramic digital glass printing ensures the stained glass is incredibly durable, preserving the artwork’s integrity over the course of long-term exposure to air, humidity, and the elements.

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