Solar Control

Solar Control

Reduce solar gain with digital ceramic glass printing technology

With the enduring trend towards sustainable spaces, printed glass panels for commercial building are proving an excellent option – allowing you to achieve the level of printed solar control you need for your project.

Durable and efficient, printed glass panels created with Vectra Glass printing technology are completely functional, reducing solar heat gain and UV exposure, while allowing high levels of natural light to pass through, for a pleasant indoor environment.

Print on glass is the perfect way to fearlessly continue building with glass. In fact, printed solar control using Vectra ceramic digital glass printing can eliminate the need for shading devices, reduce air conditioning costs in the summer and heating expenses during the winter.

Glass printing also allows you to create the printed solar control panel, with the level of reflection you want, according to your building’s requirements.

Using dots and lines, the decorative glass created with Vectra Glass printing can be made to specification with the exact window tinting you need for your particular environment. At the same time, the glass maintains an attractive appearance to either augment or fit in with just about any design.

Digital glass printing technology makes the glass in your building projects more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. Contact us today to learn more about how you can use printed solar control panels for better buildings!

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