Railings and Balconies

Railings and Balconies

Digital glass printing technology for “eye-opening” effects in balustrades and balconies

The creative possibilities of glass offer open horizons in design and vision, indoors and out. Balcony and stair railings designed with printed glass keep outdoor views open and expand the feel of indoor spaces, without compromising on safety or visual effect. Digital printing on glass gives you new options for internal and external railing design.

Why block the view when you can keep an open vista? Create innovative solutions with ceramic digital glass printing for internal and external railings. The possibilities – and the views – are endless. Incorporate color to ensure privacy without blocking natural light or the view on outdoor balconies. Add a unique element to your design with glass printing incorporating a visual effect with graphic patterns and decorative glass railing.

Open up your inner space with glass stair railing that transform the feel of your home or office. Glass printing opens the door to innovative railing design that incorporates color and pattern to create a feeling of open space while adding a personal touch.

You can achieve a clean look and spacious feel that is also practical, easy to clean and safe. Internal and external railings and balconies made with digital ceramic glass printing technology are durable, weather-resistant, and low maintenance.

For more design ideas for glass railings elements that can be created with a Vectra – or for more ideas for decorative glass balustrades – contact us today.

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