Multi Dimensions Effect

Multi Dimensions Effect

Create 3D special artifacts on glass using Vectra digital glass print

When you’re looking to take your building or art installation from 2D to 3D, look no further than Vectra digital ceramic glass printing technology.

With multi-dimensional glass painting created using Vectra ceramic digital glass printing your installations will shine, as you take them to the third dimension, transforming glass into works that are original, intriguing and full of depth.

By printing on multiple sheets of glass, and layering them together, you can transform two-dimensional elements that are as detailed as you desire (such as patterns, pictures or images) into thoroughly unique, multi-dimensional decorative glass designs and building elements.

If you’ve yet to discover the incredible possibilities that 3D holographic glass painting offers, it’s time to explore this incredible art form – whether it’s glass walls, glass for roof coverings, or a painted glass masterpiece you’re looking to create.

Designed to endure, your print on glass installations will withstand the test of time, maintenance free, and all at a lower cost.

There is literally no limit to what you can achieve with digital glass printing technology! So let your imagination run wild, dream big, and create beautiful glass with multi-dimensional effects, using Vectra digital ceramic glass print.

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