Decorative glass and both natural and artificial light are natural partners in architectural lighting design.

Get inspired to explore new dimensions of architectural lighting with elements of reflection, light, and patterns in glass printing. Illumination is the key focus of lighting design, but you don’t have to stick to the traditional. Rather, you can incorporate the color spectrum of LED-lighting and showcase ambient light as an integral part of architectural lighting design, using the creative capabilities of digital glass printing technology.

Digital printing on glass enables full design freedom, with no constraints on color, pattern, imagery or size — a uniquely broad palette for architectural lighting options. This makes digital printing ideal for creating decorative glass features that, in addition to adding visual design value, also control light intensity and glare and contribute to energy efficiency. With digital print on glass you can create distinctive decorative glass elements that subtly change throughout the day, depending on the light from inside and out.

Incorporate light with digital glass printing technology, and let the outside environment become a natural part of the architectural design and lighting plan. Vibrant colors can glow like jewels as natural light shines in; streetlights can become a lighting element that reflects decorative glass designs on building facades, backlights cast a soft glow of translucent color that only Ceramic digital glass printing can provide. Digital ceramic printed glass lets you play with patterns and shading while helping to block UV light from coming in.

Use the creative possibilities of decorative glass as the backdrop, or at the forefront, of your overall architectural lighting design. Contact us today to learn more about how you can make decorative glass panels a high-performance part of your architectural lighting design!

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