Kuopio University Hospital

Kuopio University Hospital

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01-Kuopio -University-Hospital-Finland 02-Kuopio -University-Hospital-Finland 03-Kuopio -University-Hospital-Finland 04-Kuopio -University-Hospital-Finland Kuopio-University-Hospital-Grey

Physicians are privy to the unique perspective that the average person is not.  Many of them enjoy man’s inner beauty daily. Some cut it with a surgeon’s sharp knife, others look at the spatial forms of cells through a microscope. This was the idea behind the artwork, entitled “Evolution”, of the glass façade of Kuopio University Hospital; reveal man’s inner beauty. All the fantastic images used in the Evolution artwork have been taken inside us by researchers or physicians, with a confocal microscope.

The glass façade provides a large-scale surface area to small cells, pulsating vascular system and the nervous system  which have been massively enlarged creating a new aesthetic experience for the viewer.

The digital ceramic colors and the artwork printed onto the glass looks different at different times of day, weather, and seasons. Every window offers a unique view and artwork to look at which gives a personal touch for every room. The functional benefits are also notable in this project. The glass is a great material even here in Finland were there can be less than -30 degrees in wintertime. The printed glass facade serves as a sun visor generating energy savings, it serves as a raincoat and is suitable in an environment where the tempurature can drop to -30 Celcius.

  • Architect:
  • Printed Area:
    1,500 sqm / 16,146 sqft
  • Number of Panels:
  • Colors:
    Digital Mix
  • Glass Type:
    6mm Insulated Glass - Clear Tempered
"The great wide area inspired us to design something large-scale, meaningful but practical at the same time."
Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd