Grid Shower

The Grid Shower

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The Grid Shower design finds its roots in the metal ‘mullioned’ grid showers that are in demand in the marketplace today. Noticing that grid showers made of traditional metal and glass were challenging to clean, using digital ceramic ink we can build a shower enclosure that looks exactly like the oil rubbed bronze grids.

The metal mullion graphic was “texturized” , simulating real oil rubbed bronze. We then went to work on the interior shower walls, using Carrera marble and golden marble tones in a herringbone pattern. Care was taken to ‘randomize’ the digital images so that the marble looked organic, no two tiles being alike, by grabbing different areas of the stone patterns. The addition of light grey “grout lines” and the choice to print the exposed surface on ‘side A’ create the matte, realistic look of honed marble tile.

The result? A five-panel project that showcases the beauty of ceramic ink, all the while celebrating the ease of cleaning glass in high-end showers. Goodbye to metal grids and tile grout lines that are tricky to clean. The new age of the luxury bathroom has arrived.

  • Designer:
  • Processor:
  • Printed Area:
    7 sqm / 64 sqft
  • Number of Panels:
  • Colors:
    Digital Mix
The addition of light grey “grout lines” ... realistic look of honed marble tile.