Printed Glass Facades

Printed Glass Facades

Transform any building façade into something special with digital glass printing

If you’re looking to create a building façade design that’s both highly attractive and meets functional requirements, then it’s time to look at ceramic digital glass printing.

Vectra Glass can work with you to turn your creative design into stunning, practical reality. With fully customized, eye-catching decorative glass graphics and impressive photorealistic motifs, any curtain wall or building façade design can be printed on glass, with extreme accuracy, in an unprecedented range and combination of colors.

Far more versatile than screen printing, yet with all the durability of ceramic inks, our digital glass printing technology is ideal for the exterior surface facades of buildings located in even the most punishing of climates.

Create building facades out of mega-sized glass panels, or tile numerous smaller glass panes to make up the full façade surface. Whichever you choose, digital ceramic glass printing is perfect for privacy and solar control.

Interested in using digital glass printing technology for your project, or looking for unique building façade ideas? Be in touch and our architects will help.

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