Glass Roofs, Canopies and Ceilings

Glass Roofs, Canopies and Ceilings

Add light and life to overhead protection, with ceramic digital glass printing

There are plenty of ways to personalize a space, and your roof or ceiling are no exception. In fact, with decorative glass created with Vectra digital ceramic glass printing technology, you can easily add light and life to any structure with any design you like.

Digital glass printing is the way to go for a stunning canopy or decorative ceiling that offers protection from the elements, with style! Whether it’s a workplace, home or commercial property, print on glass can completely transform your space. You can create something eye-catching or subtle, depending on the architectural context and your needs.

With Vectra’s ceramic digital glass printing you can choose from a wide range of existing geometric patterns or designs, or create something entirely unique like a forest scene or urban landscape, to adorn your roof, canopy, or ceiling.

You’ll be amazed by the difference overhead glass makes. Beyond being attractive, it also has strong functional value. Using different colors, hues and opacities you can control the amount of light being filtered through, for desired shading and temperature moderation.

Lightweight and safe for overhead use, Vectra’s glass printing installations are acclaimed for their unmatched quality, strength, and exceptional durability. Truly versatile, glass can be cut in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses according to your design and structural demands, prior to digital printing on the glass.

Thinking digital glass printing technology might be right for your roof, canopy, or ceiling? We agree – and we’re here to help! For ideas or advice on practical implementations, be in touch today.

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