Glass Kitchen Backsplash

Glass Kitchen Backsplash

ceramic digital glass printing for stunning kitchen wall art

When it comes to designing a kitchen with a personal touch, there are now more options than ever with digitally printed decorative glass. With a glass backsplash produced using Vectra’s digital ceramic glass printing technology, you get a perfect combination of stunning design, practical easy cleaning, and long-lasting durability.

It’s amazing what printed glass printing can do in the kitchen! In addition to helping create the look and atmosphere you want for the most-used home space, print on glass is super-practical. Get an easy-to-maintain wood-look or tiled effect design, without all the crevices and cracks to clean. Or, if you prefer something truly unique, create a stunning photorealistic art installation or mood-setting scene. It’s all possible with ceramic digital glass printing.

Cost-effective and pixel-perfect, Vectra’s digital glass printing technology is able to create the exact look and effect you desire, including any image, texture, color, or design. You can use any number of pre-existing Vectra patterns for your glass backsplash, or create a one-of-a-kind kitchen wall art design from scratch. Whatever you want, it’s easy and entirely up to you!

To create your dream kitchen with a glass backsplash digitally printed with Vectra ceramic digital glass printing – or for more backsplash home design ideas – contact us today.

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