Atrium Restaurant

Atrium Restaurant – Crown Metropol

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For people entering the Atrium Restaurant at the Crown Metropol the printed glass feature wall immediately captures their attention. The wall was originally installed with printed vinyl that was glue fixed to the wall. Peeling and air bubbles became an issue as they effected the quality of the image. Safety was also a concern because the adhesive between the vinyl and the glass could not withstand the weight.

The quality and safety of the glass was enhanced by digitally printing the original artworks onto the glass with ceramic inks. The images was printed directly onto the glass and then toughened so that the image is permanent and will not deteriorate over time. The safety concern was removed since the image and glass were now one piece and the glass could be securely glued into place.

  • Printed Area:
    32 sqm / 348 sqf
  • Number of Panels:
  • Colors:
    17mm Tempered Laminated